For any volume buyer looking for wholesale dried fruit, IFS Bulk provides the best combination of quality, pricing, and shipping available anywhere. IFS Bulk sources its dried fruit from only the most reputable sources worldwide. We bring in truckloads and shipping containers full of quality products each month from over 30 countries. Our dedication lies in providing you with the best quality product, shipped to your door for the low prices that you deserve.

At International Foodsource, we pride ourselves on supplying multiple varieties of dried fruits. Our selections of dried fruits include (but are most certainly not limited to) Dried Apple Rings, Diced Apricots, multiple kinds of Dried Cherries, Dried Blueberries, Dried Currants, and Dried Cranberries. We also provide dried tropical fruits, such as Papaya Chunks, Medjool Dates, and even Mango with Chile!

We are known internationally for the sweet taste of our wholesale nuts and dried fruits, and even further for the sweet disposition of our sales and service staff. We are more than happy to help our customers with all of your questions and needs, through every phase of the purchasing process. IFS Bulk’s dried fruit is as “fresh” as dried fruit in bulk ever can be!

All of our bulk dried fruits come in 25-lb boxes. Contact us with any questions, and browse our selections of dried fruits below.