International Foodsource is hailed as one of the finest providers of large volume fruit mixes in the country. Our blends of complementary fruits are a winning combination of delicious and nutritious. We stock mixes of many fruits, ranging from our Very Berry Blend to our Harvest Medley Blend. We only use the highest quality dried fruits in our fruit mixes, and we provide the lowest possible prices.

IFS Bulk prides itself on supplying you with wholesale fruit mixes for your restaurant, grocery store, or other large volume needs. We sell our fruit blends in 20 and 25 pound increments, depending on the blend, and we also helpfully display the per pound price. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality fruit mixes at the low prices that you’ve come to expect from us.

People have been mixing different blends of fruits in many different cultures across the world. Almost every culture has some version of a fruitcake, a historically hearty dessert that also warms the heart. Dried fruits were especially coveted in the days before advanced food preservation primarily because of their high sugar content and resistance to spoiling.